Apr 1, 2008

Final Project

SMS is most popular messaging in the world, in many telecommunication corporate SMS is important services to keep it available to customers, for this reason, monitoring for this services be important.
In fact that sms short number machine (kannel) without monitoring make customers unsatisfied.
SMS Machine Service Monitoring Sistem is a web base tool for assisting SMS Machine administrators in managing and monitoring the activities of SMS Machine.It helps in getting the status information of critical processes running at any SMS Machine, logging, event viewer, CPU memory usage, etc. It can be used to monitor the sms process / sms services usage of individual machines. It also performs checks for logging services like kannel, access, smsbox_log etc., and can give you the status of SMS Services in the server at current or at last state.
Monitoring Machine is lookout something to keep it can be stable in running, and to manage it to keep availability in services and record all event on this machine, due to this function, it will implemented SNMP over UDP on Solaris Operating sistem.

Keyword : sms, udp, snmp, kannel.
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