Sep 24, 2009

Facebook Intelligence Part 2

Previously, I have described about basic step and how to spy on your target account in FB. I will break down all items on this page, hopefully i can explain it all on this page unless it will continue to next part.

Now, I am pleased to announce you that FB provide all logging system, though you need to manually sight and take a moment survey. Watching your target account  page, what a good information that you catch ?, yes, basically everyone understand what the last activities of the target, yet let me explaining this in deeper.

The target activities are recorded on her "recent activities", but, its not all of her activities listed here. Some of her action are hided or not listed since She can set it or manually remove it. So what should we want to do now ?.

The main action of target on FB is commenting, so what should you gonna do now is tracing each of her comment logs, and don't forget to make it ordered by the time. Recent activities make its as easy as pie, just click on her links...
You can make summary of her activity after you combine with recent activities.

Sometimes, if your target account realize that She on spy on. She will make a decay information, so be patient and  don't give suspicious status or message on her unless for other reason. (Really, i want to repair her and give advice to her and also change her habit, because of love ... hixs hixs, I love her so much, I need her)

Next, let me give you, how to check whether She is online or offline. The simplest checking the chat online list, But it often invalid since She shy on you, haha... what we gonna do then ?. Okay, when She appears online, put her chat bar on your status bar by chatting her. Make it 2 or 3 friends here, so, while you loggin for the first time, you should compare the time of her. If it seems different with other, you can idetify that She is Online but shy on you.

I love her so much, really i guess ... by God I am saying this, oh my RR, She is my Fabulous girl.

Do you know that FBI and CIA are also use FB as spier, its absolutely obvious because FB enhance spying features unless what twitter do. I will continue to the next part then.
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Sep 23, 2009

Facebook Intelligence Part 1

Social networking websites, is website provided to keep in touch with your friends, relatives, colleagues. So many point of view to describing this, you can use is to make your own business, marketing, intelligence, collecting demographic data, search your couple, getting job, sharing your ideas, or just as your joys to evaporate your waste.
Let's try to take deeper knowledge in using social networking website for intelligence. The term “intelligence” is process of collecting, analyzing, evaluating, then giving recommendation. There are 2 elements of intelligences, strategic intelligence and tactical intelligence, whereas tactic is a part of strategic.
I will use real simple case of using facebook as your media.
There are some steps :

  1. Planning and directing, what information you needed, and what for ?, I need data of a guy whom I loved. (the simple case)

  2. Collecting, where you get that stuff ?, I use her social networking website and other website which often visited, yeah FB is the best choice.

  3. Processing / collation, how the best way you get it ?, use facility that provided by FB and external tools, create ruby script as i guess .. get all data from her friends, knowing her habit, her family, and her background educations, etc ...

  4. Analysis, filter and decide which of your data is meaningful and delete the bug ones. Friend of friend data is also considered, since somebody hide their detail data to the person whom she doesn't want to know. The result is your seed, you need to plant it so you get more detail towards your direction above. ... Getting all basic information, you should choose which one is meaningful to be your topic in discussing with her ...

  5. Dissemination, plant your seed and let it be growing up. Is it reach your goals ?, even you get failed, you can use other seeds to reach your goals. ... make her brain become a way of you,... little bit difficult ...

  6. reevaluatin, evaluate all your steps above

  7. back to fist step

Obviously steps i think, lets do the real actions, go on
  1. Hiding your information on FB before you started. includes : 
    1. make your name  unsearchable
    2. close your detail information
    3. make group of your member list and apply restricted rules for pointed groups.
    4. hide your friend list checking
    5. make your private album.
  2. monitoring, spying
    1. use "Mechnize"  to monitor her feeds, and it will report to you. Detail script will discus next. RubyScript Mechanize is very helpful, since it can work separately and running as child thread, you just store your username and password, then it will collect all of her feeds, so: all activity of her pages will be fully monitored, even She change the comments.
    2. bookmark of her pages, its like your dashboard, while you need to check, just click it, or other rapid mechanism by sign up to netvibes.
    3. activate email notification for your chat logs. The mechanism of this notification are : sending immediately after She change or add comment, as your logs and it will not be able to change the sended email.
  3. others
    1. make copy of her networks
    2. hide your status for your unexpected friend who may disturbe your business.
    3. etc ... i will added for next post
actually i just want to share about the mechanism and show you how interesting to use facebook as your media of intelligence implementations. I do mine to the sassy girl. But sometimes it will make you wrath and mad, because knowing everything about her will bring you to be fully thinking of her. I suggest you to improve your religion knowledge first, so you are able to get the worst probalities and also the best. Being wise is not easy...
next part, i will give you more detail about the apps. InsyaAlloh ...

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How big you are

The Big
How big are you ?, that's a common question and the most basic topic for us today..
well, i want to share about a little experiences in some cases, actually its about how do we appreciate and giving value of case and how we should response about it. This story is taken from my real activity, since i want to make myself as a mirror of me.
when i was young, i was chosen by a group tobe a leader of thousands of people. Do you know, so many cases were reported to me, and i realized that i have no enough knowledge to solved cases alone. so sometimes i take a discussion with my master, actually i have more than one master, they are the big person as i known before and to choose it, i need to proofed their knowledge by lifing together for some days, at least i know him for more than 3 years, i know their family, how they lead them, how they manage their resources, how they can solved the cases, and especially what their background-experience.
For a while, they give me a short sentence that really i don;t know what they talking about, i need to research more than 2 days for each clue that they given to me then, since i know and i realizes that i have very heavy responsibility, i do it every time, always thinking of them etc.. and the time is go on ..
Besides of their cases, i have my own problem, when it mixed, owh... i felt so heavy, i cannot separated one and the other. I visit my master, 4 master give me 4 answers for each case.

The first he said : 'kowe ki koyo wong ra ngerti dalil wae' => you are like a person who doesn;t well understanding the quranic verses.
The sencond he said : 'kabeh ki mergo sing kuoso, ora mergo kowe' => everything is happen on behalf of God, its not on behlaf of you
The thirth he said : 'lek wis niate bener, dongone bener, corone bener hasile urusane sing neng dhuwur' => true attention, true praying, true stepping the result is the God's business.
The fourth he said : 'kowe ra iso marai wong sing 4 level ng ngisormu, ora ngerti sing tok warai, kowe iso ngrubah wong wong sing podo utowo 1 level ng ngisormu' => you cannot teach 4 levels below you, they cannot understand, you able to change people whom in the same level or 1 level below you.

On that time, I didn't understood what they talking about, or i need to research to understanding this, but now, I am clearly understand all about their statements. I realizes that on that time i was a litle boy with a litle knowledge, ambitious, unstable, heavy reactive and bla bla.. i think you are in the same position with me as young generations. Nowdays , I am bigger with a bigger knowledge ..etc (even i am not so big as my masters)

Meanwhile, being a big person is not easy, especially in very small case such as blaming something and how to valuing for a case. I take 2 examples : ( young-example )
1. some body blaming you, : "Hi how bad you are, you are the thinest in the world, how can you say you love me ?", Should you give me your response please...
2. anybody discussing about your badness behind you, they don;t realize that you know all about their discussion even they change and they pray with a big hopes that you will loose their chat logs, What should you do ?

Since i leave Gading in August, i think all of cases above were solved, but it seems appear again here, even sometimes i give advise to some of you...sometimes, i found some of you blaming yourselves, cutting out your links, or make a group to fight against your enemies, etc ..

in this note, let's discuss to take goodness of our knowledge, you can also give some 'dalil' (good manifest) to support your response.
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