Sep 2, 2013

how to activate instant messaging on OpenERP 7

hi all, today i want to share about how to setup IM (instant messaging) on OpenERP 7, actually it will launch on Openerp V8, but i saw the module was release in trunk.

lets start :
1. install gevent lib.
sudo apt-get install python-gevent
sudo pip install gevent-psycopg2

2. make gevent running on openerp
vim openerp/cli/

    if["gevent"]:'Using gevent mode')
        import gevent
        import gevent.monkey
        import gevent.wsgi
        import gevent_psycopg2
        openerp.evented = True'Using gevent mode')
        openerp.evented = False

gevent, openerp 7, instant messaging

vim openerp/service/

modify start service openerp 7 instant messaging

modify stop service openerp 7 instant messaging

vim openerp/service/

chat support openerp 7

secure instant messaging openerp 7

activate instant messaging openerp 7

vim openerp/service/

running instant messaging on openerp 7

vim openerp/tools/

4. test your changes with 

./openerp-server --gevent 

5. update and activate your im module on setting-menu then see the chat is running

live instant messaging openerp 7

instant messenger source code 

references :

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