Jan 31, 2014

get free internet access by openvpn

previously, we are talking about how to tune up openvpn configuration, now we are talking about how to get free internet access by openvpn.

as you know that openvpn can run on TCP or UDP mode, on this section, we will try to use TCP connection.

break mobile internet proxy

for years ago, people use ssh tunnel over http inject technique to make socket connection, then they direct firefox to their new tunnel. You still need to set all application to use this socket connection to go out. Or set it with proxify.

well, openvpn can do it easily, you just need NMDVPN client, then set your openvpn configuration file to be use TCP, and add some operator bugs there. Just see here :

break mobile internet quota with openvpn

then wait until the application success to make new routing to your vpn server : 


by this way,
  • you not only speed up your internet connection but also break your internet quota, however you will get FREE internet access. (even you are on ZERO balance). 
  • all application will run properly, because you will get full tcp/ip stack, no need to proxify it.
  • its very easy to use.

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speed up open vpn

today, i will share my experience to speed up vpn connection over mobile internet broadband. Officially i just get 512 kbps, but we can speed up up to 14 Mbps then. its depend on signal strenght in your location.

well, lets start by setup server configuration. As you know that openvpn server can be use as certificate (tls), password only, tls +  password, and static key. whatever you chose it, what you need to tune up are

proto [udp/tcp]
reneg-sec [604800/ make it bigger]
sndbuf [100000 / make it bigger]
rcvbuf [100000 / make it bigger]
tun-mtu [48000 / make it same with server]
fragment [0 / let it 0]
mssfix [0 / let it 0]

if you want to run openvpn over socket tunnel such as ssh tunnel, maybe you can set 

cipher none
auth none

because you are on secure connection now, already encrypted by ssh.

remember, if you make tun-mtu bigger, you should also tune up the link-mtu bigger too.

as your reference : 
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