Apr 23, 2014

install ipsec vpn ubuntu 13.10 shrew soft vpn connect

its ipsec vpn

cd /usr/local/src ; sudo wget https://www.shrew.net/download/ike/ike-2.2.0-release.tbz2
sudo tar jxpvf ike-2.2.0-release.tbz2 ; cd ike
sudo apt-get install cmake libqt4-core libqt4-dev libqt4-gui libedit-dev libssl-dev checkinstall bison flex
sudo checkinstall -y
sudo cp /usr/local/src/ike/source/iked/iked.conf.sample  /etc/iked.conf
sudo iked  or sudo qikea

then it should be like this :

more detail you can see here 

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Apr 10, 2014

openerp fields permissions

openerp fields permissions

on openerp 7, let say: you want to make some fields are can only update or create by specific group, then you can make it as : (on your model column)

'c50':fields.float('PO Amount',write= ['project_nsn.group_nsn_ppm',] ),

or, you want to make it visible on specific group, then you can make as :

'c50':fields.float('PO Amount',groups= "project_nsn.group_nsn_ppm, project_nsn.group_nsn_manager" ),

by these option, you make c50 column can only edit by group Nokia Siemens Network on Project Monitoring division only.

more detail about it, you can check here

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