Mar 29, 2015

[SOLVED] failed to attach bridge 'virbr0': No such device

LXC is just simple solution to make simple virtual operating system (OS), its like vmware or virtualbox or qemu or any other, but not fully like them, some feature was dropped. More detail about this software, you can check on LXC Ubuntu

for me, its very useful to create demo OpenERP / Odoo to client.

Just a simple solution for those who got lxc container error,

lxc-start: conf.c: instantiate_veth: xxxx failed to attach 'vethxxx' to the bridge 'virbr0': No such device
lxc-start: conf.c: lxc_create_network: 3261 failed to create netdev
lxc-start: start.c: lxc_spawn: 826 failed to create the network
lxc-start: start.c: __lxc_start: 1080 failed to spawn 'test'
lxc-start: lxc_start.c: main: 342 The container failed to start.
lxc-start: lxc_start.c: main: 346 Additional information can be obtained by setting the --logfile and --logpriority options.

Root Cause failed attach the bridge virbr0 or lxcbr0

its because of the container can not create bridge, can be because of your bridge is not created yet, or the network device on container is failed to create.

LXC container does not start solution

check your bridge

  • use ifconfig or brctl to check that your bridge (on Host Server, not on guest) is exist and enable, ensure virbr0
    • brctl show
    • if doen't exists, you can add with brctl addbr virbr0
  •  ensure that guest hwaddr is changed, you need to do this to make guest host initiate from beginning to create networking device. Change it on /var/lib/lxc/(NAME_of_YOUR_CONTAINER)/config
  • ensure that your bridge have IP in the same network of your lxc container and make it Up
    • sudo brctl addbr virbr0
      sudo ifconfig virbr0 netmask up

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google indexing tips

google indexing algorithm

its commonly discussed, we never know what exactly google do with their algorithm, and i don't care about that. On web or on this website, i just want to put my idea, my expression and all of my mind, Don't care about its indexed or not ?.

But, i saw on group / forum they asking more about what should they do to make their website indexed by google.

well, many times i said, just put your best effort for best quality content. Thats it. On this writing, i just put whats on my mind about google indexing.

google indexing tips


before indexing, google will consider all this, so you need to consider it too. its can also as your seo tips then...haha :)
  • keywords  : its come from your page content.
  • type : jquery, text or javascript and all of text.
  • link / anchor : external or internal, dofollow or nofollow,  anchor description, etc.
  • platform :  maybe you use joomla or wordpress or blogspot
  • page type : dynamic or static page
  • robot visit : make googlebot happy to visit your page by update / post periodically.
  • url shrink direction type : maybe 301 or 302
  • relevancy : all units must be relevant, your page with comment with your video, picture, etc.
  • trustworthy : its produced by you with your reputations.
  • authority  : puts your name on page, no anonymous or just admin.... its fake admin post !

google indexing openerp  8 / odoo

is it possible ?, sure, google bot able crawl and  indexing javascript, all in text format its easy for google. More detail you can see on google index and crawling

best practices result

if you do my tips, the result will be like this.

is it because of traffic exchange or autosurf ?, like hitleap  ?, big NO. Its real, you can see from all of url is about openerp not cisco or oracle or IBM project.

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Mar 27, 2015

search engine quality challenge

maybe 2 year ago, someone asking me to post as many as i can. Especially about my projects and solutions rather than just put on slide to present to customer.

on that time, i answer that, "actually they paid mthe more that what i wrote  :D ".

i just thought that even my master write best solution for big company (maybe can be charge to 4.000.000 USD) the web-audience or search engine will not pay him as big as his company pay him.

thats way, some "value" of information on internet was loss.

again, my previous case, i just found "garbage" information from "over seo master".

thats why when some people show me some software to cheat, i think for me its still easy to detect their cheats agains some search engine. Then i give more improvement to their machines, it could be better than. But if i were search engine employee, its still too easy for me to detect it.

about 2 months  ago, some people asking to improve it, over me more resources, and one again i said "i not so interested".

what we need now is "quality content".
If "valuable content" will get more payment than just garbage, of course, people will improve their quality in writing so the audience will satisfy.

in my country, website or any media is just garbage, they just politics driven content, no value, they just want to get money from politicians.

wthat the main challenge of search engine now ?, well its about quality content.

the most early solution to fight agains "politics-driven-media" is sanad, its just initiative project with my best friend.

Early result of this project is addons for firefox that can detect the website. It is "credible" / "trusted" of just garbage, even just one text in spelling.

you know that search engine is still "poision-able" by over seo master, so their searching result sometimes is garbage.

for more about this project, you can check on this sanad fb group

until now, i still disbelieve about "what i wrote will paid as much as i get from my solution to company"

maybe next time i will fully try to write an enterprise solution, then let we see, how much i will get paid. haha..  :D If less than my expectation, so better i focus to fight agains the garbage-media, Lets make them deindexed from search engine.

its risky for me, because sometimes i face big company such as Microsoft or Avaya or Oracle to give best solution approach for some projects.

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Mar 18, 2015

google seo

today, i feel so bad, i found the badness of google result again huft :( , i search for medicine for my wife, then i put "obat batuk herbal untuk ibu hamil" (cought medicine for pregnant) , but i found page to enter question to that website,

it means, google seo analytics give bad result for me, i want the answer but website owner just give page with "over seo" so that just give asking form.

let we see, how it works.

google seo tools

people use seo tools to get keywords, niche then they buy domain to create website. No exact guideline about this, every body have their own passion and perception about usage of this tools.

Check seo

some of them, post to forum then ask for other to check, is it true seo or not ?. They put some comments about the website's seo. Need to change or not.

keyword generator

some cheaters, they use this tools to create auto generate content for their websites, but its bad ways, it just will create garbage information on web.

panda algorithm 

even google often change their algorithm, panda, pinguin or deer or anything, for me, its not important for seo master , what the most important ?, is your content quality.


the website got it, they use "over seo" then put some "garbage" informations on search engine, so its entitle to be deindexed.

bad google seo algorithm update result

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Mar 16, 2015

custom participants script IBM Tivoli workflow

IBM Tivoli Approval Node with custom participants script 

Its about the previous case, that we need to modify all approver roles  each department on, another alternatives to do that is use custom participants field on approval workflow.

First, you need to define approval role pattern for each departments, the its automatically lookup the approval role and member of its role will fetch as approval. On the script, its shown like this :

var roleSearch = new RoleSearch();
var roleResult = roleSearch.searchByName("RolePatternAsYouWantHere");

if (roleResult.length < 1) {
    roleResult = roleSearch.searchByName("AdministratorRoleAsDefaultApproval");

approvaldn = roleResult[0].dn;
var myFilter = "(&(erparent=" + container.get().dn + ")(erroles=" + approvaldn + "))";
var personSearch = new PersonSearch();
var personResult = personSearch.searchByFilter("person", myFilter, 2);
var myParticipants = new Array();
for (i=0; i < personResult.length; i++) {
myCustomParicipants[i] = new Participant(ParticipantType.USER, personResult[i].dn);
return myCustomParticipants;

on complex IBM Tivoli workflow implementations, you need to make your own pattern of approval roles rather than make it one by one, since customer company has many departments with many roles.

custom participants script itim workflow

the idea is almost the same with Stephen 
More reference here or here  

Note : If you use ISPM VA, there are some limitations, includes can not use custom adapter or configure custom extension node, see more detail here
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Mar 15, 2015

ispim posix custom adapter regular change password policy

several days ago, was so hectic with company policy that force everybody to change password periodically, its also force IBM Tivoli Identity Management (ITIM) to change password, either for adapter or accounts.

well, its little bit complicated to comply with, let we see simple suggestion solution here.

SACLI check out password for machine to machine

first step, you must checked-out the password from ITIM database use SACLI mechanism, once you get it, you need pass it to script pool. For this step, better you create new simple approval workflow on ITIM, its make you check out password easily.

Script pool ITIM adapter for change password

this is the second steps, for large numbers of target systems, you need make it generally-usage-able for all target systems,so it able to change password for Unix, linux, solaris, windows, etc.

Basic function of this parts is login with current username and password, then change the password. On Success, it will report to auto-reconcile subsystem to do his jobs then.

Ispim Auto reconcile

Its an automation to reconciling what the script has done.

Periodically change password ITIM

due to company policy, you must run it regularly base on company deadline to change password.

IBM ispim itim posix custom adapter regular change password policy

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Mar 6, 2015

Cisco WLC radius managed wifi

Meanwhile, Cisco provide WLC (wireless lan controller), its very helpful to manage cisco and its traffic for you.

lets see the case :

a hospital need to give free of charge internet access for their customer, they need to create dynamic user access to each family of patient.  For more than 5 user login (includes patient-friend), the hospital will charge per bytes.

well, let see the solution :

Cisco WLC radius managed wifi

Integrate Hospital Information system with Radius

the first step, we need to fetch data from HIS and sync it to radius authentication server, it would be better if there is radius too on HIS then..  :D 

Java RMI manage WLC

Cisco WLC use RMI, so we need to create simple RMI to manage cisco and modify as we need.

WLC is so helpful to manage your network resources

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