Apr 4, 2018

SOLVED ERPNEXT 11 not create json after create doctype

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Folders not created for doctype even when developer_mode is set to 1


Custom field on doctype can not be un-checked


docType folder not created on frappe 11 and erpnext 11


doctype folder change to custom folder


developer_mode change custom doctype to json file 

The solution is  :

1. set developer_mode 1, dont forget to restart the bech
2. goto your doctype, then Customize Form
3. export customization, the json will be store on custom folder, then you're ready to migrate if you want.

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Apr 3, 2018

SOLVED ERPNEXT login success but not permitted

Solution 1 : 

ensure your vm / erpnext server can access to internet, by checking /etc/resolv.conf or any routing.
once its going proper, everything will run smoothly.

erpnext need to run some scheduled job which need internet connection.

Solution 2 : 

bench stop
bench --site all clear-cache
bench --site all clear-website-cache
sudo reboot

related to these : 

ERPNext not permitted

Not Permitted message

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