Sep 9, 2019

SOLVED auth_session_timeout redirection looping issue

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    def _auth_timeout_check(self):
        """Perform session timeout validation and expire if needed."""

        if not http.request:

        session = http.request.session

        # Calculate deadline
        deadline = self._auth_timeout_deadline_calculate()

        # Check if past deadline
        expired = False
        if deadline is not False:
            path = http.root.session_store.get_session_filename(session.sid)

                expired = getmtime(path) < deadline
            except FileNotFoundError
                        'File nya tidak ada %s, Path : %s',(path, http.request.httprequest.path)
            except OSError:
                    'Exception reading session file modified time.',
                # Force expire the session. Will be resolved with new session.

                expired = True

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